Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Service #3- Qualities I Admire in a Person and Showing Respect and Kindness

We started our activity with a Seek and find all about qualities that we admire in others.  They love seek and finds!  It keeps them busy while everyone arrives.  Here are the traits I included in my puzzle:  friendly, good personality, sense of humor, frugal, caring, no gossip, talented, kind, spiritual, hard worker, good listener, honest, smart, fun, creative, athletic, reaches goals, clean, modest.

Service #3 is as follows:  "Make a list of the qualities you like in a person.  Choose one quality to develop in yourself.  Discuss how showing respect and kindness strengthens you, your family, and others."

After the seek and find puzzle we listed the qualities that we admire in others.  They had some good ideas!

Next I had them think about these qualities and name one that they would like to work on and to develop in themselves.  I had them write in in their books.  We discussed these and talked about why they thought these would be a good traits to have.  Trying new things can help us find our talents!  I asked them what kinds of things they may have been scared of trying at first but later discovered it to be a talent.  Sports, dance, singing, talking to others, etc.

I had them fill out a questionnaire about themselves.  Included in this was a question about talents they'd like to develop.   I told them that they would get this back when they turn 12 and they could look to see how much progress they made over the years.

We talked about what it means to have respect and what it means to be kind.   We talked about ways that having respect and kindness strengthens ourselves, our family, and others.  Then they signed this activity off in their booklets.

Finally, we talked about the Gospel Standard:  "I will seek good friends and treat others kindly."

Today was the last Activity Day for one of our girls who is turning 12!  We passed around a paper with her name at the top and each person listed something they admired about her.  We will really miss her!!

What character trait would you like to develop in yourself?


Wednesday, May 8, 2013