Thursday, March 28, 2013


Tonight we started with coloring!  I printed off  and egg shape and let the children design their own Easter eggs.  As they finished, I hung them on the wall for everyone to admire.  They were very creative!!

Next we had an Easter egg hunt.  I had gone to the church early to hide the eggs.  There were twelve eggs to find.  Since we have 7 children, some of them were able to find two.  After all twelve eggs were found, we sat in a circle and I told them the story of  Easter using visuals from the LDS picture kit found here.

Inside of each egg was an item that went along with the story of  Easter.  We discussed each item and its significance. The children are so insightful and eager to learn and we had a really wonderful discussion filled with the spirit.


Here is a copy of the lesson that I used as an outline.  (I don't know the original source.  I've had this in my files for years.)  However, it's much better to just tell the story with visuals than to try to read to them.

For a treat we had these "empty tomb" treats.  Found here:  empty tomb rolls.

Happy Easter everyone!

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