Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day fun and games!- Service #2

This lesson could be used to fulfill Service #2 which says:  Write a letter to a teacher, your parents, or your grandparents telling them what you appreciate and respect about them.  This is from the Faith in God book that can be found here.

Tonight was all about fathers!  
To begin I had them each write something about themselves on a piece of printer paper.  Then I had them crumple the paper up into a ball.  I gathered them and told them we would use them later.

Next I asked if they knew any songs about fathers.  We sang a couple from the Children's Songbook.  Daddy's Homecoming and A Happy Family.
As we sang each song we talked about the words and what we learn about fathers from the lyrics.
We made a list on the board of the qualities that Dads have.  I emphasize their roles as providers and protectors.

Next they filled out a worksheet:

"In our family dad is the best at sports"

"My favorite memory with my Dad is when we went to the Grand Canyon"

"My favorite memory with my Dad is when he coached me in soccer!"

"In our family, my dad is the best at eating chocolate."
It is so fun to read their thoughts about their dads.

I find the night works best when they get to MOVE.  This was a balloon race.  A team of two races to the wall and back with a balloon between their shoulders.  A "middle man" is allowed to go with them and replace the balloon if it falls out.  

This is where we used the crumpled papers that we made at the beginning of the meeting.  We had a snowball fight with them.  At my go, they raced to throw the "snowballs" at each other.  When I called "stop" they had to grab the nearest snowball and hold it.  If I called on them, they had to open their paper wad, read what it said, and then try to guess who wrote it.  Me and the other leader wrote about ourselves on a piece of paper as well.  They had a hard time guessing ours even after they had gone through every other person in the room.  It was kind of funny.
Their instruction was to go give the Dad Worksheet to their father on Father's Day!  It was a fun night.

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  1. Cute blog! I'm excited for evelynne to get to go. She will have tons of fun,I can tell.