Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Serving Others #5- file folder games

  • Tonight I started by discussing prophets and apostles and temples because that is the theme I chose for our file folders.  We are working to accomplish Serving Others #5.  

  • Entertain young children with songs or games you have learned or made yourself. Show that you know how to care for and protect a young child.
This activity will need to be followed up by the parents.

I told them that we would be making file folder games for them to share.  But this activity took a little too much time the way that I did it. Plus, I was all by myself with 9 girls.   It's a great activity  but needed more prep work on my part...or a different way to tackle to activity.

We did file folders with the apostles and the temples found here.  Each girl chose to do either the apostles or the temples file folder.  They received 2 duplicate sheets.

First we cut out the pictures from the first page, placed them on laminating paper, ran them through the thermal laminator and then cut them out of the laminating paper.  When they finish cutting out the laminated pieces, place them in an envelope for safe keeping while going on to the next step.

Next we cut out the pictures from the duplicated page and pasted them into the file folder.  This took a lot of time.  Too much gluing going on.  They really only need a quick dab of glue or swipe of glue stick on the back of the picture because once they get the picture glued where they want it, we used a piece of packing tape to cover the picture.

packing tape to cover pictures

One alternative to the step above would be to simply glue the duplicate into the file folder and skip cutting out and gluing each picture.  This would save time.  But it also eliminates the creative placement that the girls like to have...

After the pictures are glued into the file folder, we used a roll of post-it.  Cut the sticky part of the post-it into small squares.  Put a swipe of glue on the non-sticky side of the post it and glue it by/on  each picture in the file folder.  The laminated pictures can then be placed on the sticky side of the post-it.  Let it dry before trying to attach the laminated pictures or it will pull off.

Glue the envelope to the file folder and label it.

There are so many fun file folder games.  Next time I would choose ones that require less cutting and gluing.  But the girls were very pleased with them and were looking forward to sharing them with younger siblings/friends and even themselves!

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